Utilizing the studio, Kennedy has delivered high quality mock-ups to film and television producers, theatre creatives and arranging/orchestrating clients. This facility to hear a good version of the written arrangement has proved invaluable in the creative process. Projects are initiated and developed in the studio, allowing changes/improvements to be made without pressure of time or budget.  Stems for backing tracks are produced, before going in to a larger facility to record the orchestra, singers, rhythm section etc. The cost and time efficiencies made are highly tangible.

Recent projects produced this way are 'I Dreamed A Dream the Susan Boyle Musical', the Tenors UnLimited CD 'The Rat Pack Of Opera', and orchestral enhancement tracks for the Herbalife World Conference in Barcelona in 2011. Also string arrangements for the new Love And Money album 'The Devils Debt', and 'Mackintosh-And Me', a new play with script and music by Andy Park.